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top writing services inc.

Top Writing Services Inc. makes complex data sound easy for teams to spend less time in meetings, send fewer emails and feel more relaxed. Helping companies achieve a 35% conversion in new customers with branding/marketing strategies is the company's achievement.

Top Writing Services Inc. is a content writing and branding strategic company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The owner, Makeda Waterman, went from working a 9 to 5 in 2014 while freelancing part-time, to blogging full-time, to becoming a self-employed consultant. Her goal is to add value with every conversation and project she has with a leader or company.

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Media features: Marie Claire (United Kingdom) & Cosmopolitan (Australia), CNBC Make It, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance News, Glassdoor, and the HuffPost. Rated a top freelancer to follow by FlexJobs (2018).

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