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top writing services inc.

Top Writing Services Inc. makes difficult information sound easy. Teams spend less time in meetings, send fewer emails, and feel more relaxed. Helping companies achieve a 35% conversion in new customers with branding/marketing strategies is the company's achievement.

Media features: Marie Claire (United Kingdom) & Cosmopolitan (Australia), CNBC Make It, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance News, Glassdoor, and the HuffPost. Rated a top freelancer to follow by FlexJobs (2018).

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Top Writing Services Inc. is a business consulting, content writing, and branding strategic company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The owner, Makeda Waterman, went from working a 9 to 5 in 2014 while freelancing part-time, to blogging full-time, to becoming a business consultant. Some of the companies she has helped are the Government of Alberta, CBC News. Makeda also has a Security Clearance Reliability for Government related projects. Her goal is to add value with every conversation and project she has with a leader or company.

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