As I was working in banking for years, I had a feeling inside that it was time to pursue my dreams. I enjoyed helping people improve their personal brand and writing came naturally to me. 


About 5 years ago, I felt nervous to start my own social media company and content marketing business.  As I look back, I realize it was the best decision I could have made because I am helping more people every day. 

I'm a Marketing consultant and writer in Edmonton with 7 years of experience helping companies across the globe. 

I provided services to the Government of Alberta, CBC News, Intuit, and other leading companies. My articles were featured on MSN Money and Yahoo Finance News. I also have blogs on CNBC Make It, HuffPost, HubSpot, and other high-traffic sites. 

I pre-qualify clients before taking on new projects. A deposit is required prior to working on assignments. Payment plans are available if needed.

Contact me to chat about your branding, marketing, and consultation needs today.

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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