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  • Makeda Waterman

Top 8 Careers in Sports to Consider

If you are searching for a job in sports, the industry is full of opportunities for people with different personalities and work experience. Whether you like to work behind the scenes or in front of a camera, the job that is meant for you is a decision away. Before you decide on one job to apply for, here is a list of jobs available in the industry to consider.


The good part about jobs in sports is real-world experience a priority over education. However, there are some jobs on the list that includes being a Sports Official that requires certification to get the job. The second part to consider is writing a winning manager's resume for a job like the Sports Manager position on our list. The next step is to have a stack of business cards that will come in handy at a networking event. An online portfolio or website is the last part because human resources recruiters will search for you on the internet and be job-ready is better than having embarrassing photos or videos online that can prevent you from getting hired.

Sports Inside Sales Agent

Education: College or University degree or diploma

Salary: $31,729 - $58,044

The key to success as a sport inside sales agent is to be confident, enthusiastic, and aggressive because it is a job that offers a base salary plus commission or a bonus for closing accounts. Do you have experience in hospitality or customer services? It might be the right job for you. Most companies offer training for new hires. Plus, you must have a backbone for this job because most of your time will be spent cold calling for new clients.

NBA Sports Agent

Education: Sports management bachelor’s Degree.

Salary: $9,460 – $1,120,000

An NBA sports agent helps protect the public image of an athlete. A successful NBA sports agent needs to be skilled in negotiating contracts, motivating people, and handling high levels of stress. If you have experience with sales, managing finances, marketing or public relations, it will be an easy transition to become a sports agent.

Sports Writer

Education: 2-year College or University degree or diploma

Salary (average): $49,000

As a sports writer, you can write for a local newspaper, middle school, university, or the NBA. Get ready to watch sports games despite snow or rain. Most sportswriters have photography skills to film or take their photos. If you are a social media guru, using Instagram and Twitter will be handy. Newspaper writing or editorial experience with an understanding of writing in AP style will help. If you are a people person and can get along with athletes and coaches, this job is for you. The last point to remember is this job might come with off the court scandals and managing your composure when dealt with work-related challenges.

Sports Videographer

Education: Film studies, broadcasting, communications bachelor’s degree

Salary: $51,548 - $77,879

A cameraman has the front center view of sports tame with videography skills working with iPods (tripod) of up to 20 feet. Working at night or on the weekend makes up most of a sports videographer’s responsibilities. Experience using Adobe Premiere is a plus, and an open mind to be trained by an employer might be expected.

Sports Turf Trainee

Education: Certificate, Associates Degree, Fitness / Sports Science, Sports Management Bachelor’s degree

Salary: $29,220

A sports turf trainee is a starter job in the industry while working outdoors on mowing football fields, fertilize the grass, and edging pulls. This job requires working long hours on holidays and sometimes on the weekend, whether it is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or it is on a cold fall day. You need to be in shape to do this job because picking up boxes of 50 pounds, climbing stairs and moving stanchions is apart of the job. It can get loud during games or sports events, but if you are ready for a job that won’t feel repetitive, consider becoming a sports turf trainee.

Sports Coach

Education: Fitness / Sports Science, Sports Management Bachelor’s degree

Salary: $41,000 - $70,000

Are you enthusiastic about teaching? Sports coaches work in a variety of work environments with children or professional sports players. You need the drive to motivate an entire team, even when the group is unmotivated to learn. These professionals need to study game footage of opposing teams and figure out winning strategies for the team to win games. The pressure of winning can create a tense work environment, but the tension can be used to motivate you to bring you’re a game.

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