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  • Makeda Waterman

Tik Tok Growth Marketing for Business Owners

🎊🥳 I am proud to share that I went from 25 Tik Tok Followers to over 2,100 in six Months.⁣

Can you do the same or better? Absolutely. Here's the thing.

Tik Tok is all about personal branding and storytelling. The only way that you can see fast growth and build your reputation is to be consistent. Consistency, creativity and talent go a long way on Tik Tok.

Read the rest of my blog to find out what you can do to create a successful business Tik Tok page today.


I was the person that said I'd never get on Tik Tok last year because I thought it wasn't a good app for business owners.⁣ I signed up for the app and was overwhelmed by dancers and viral videos of music artists. I wondered how I would be able to stand out on Tik Tok too.

After signing up for Tik Tok the second week of February, I stopped posting videos for 2 months and started studying the app. Can you guess what I discovered? I found viral videos of dentists, painters, photographers, marketers and business owners being themselves online.

It was at that moment that I realized it was time for me to start creating content about what I do best on Tik Tok.


If you are on Tik Tok to make a quick sale, I recommend that you change your mindset. Most of the users on the app are Generation Z, followed by Millennials and Baby boomers. Tik Tok is a long term reputation building app. Now, that is not to say that you will not get a new customer with the right video but...

Your strategy should be to educate, entertain and inspire people every day.


As a new Tik Toker, I recommend that you create at least 1 - 2 videos per day. You will get overwhelmed if you try to be like the experienced video creators and start sharing 6 - 10 videos per day.

Ask yourself at first what your 4 talents or skills are and share one per day in an interesting video. Take advantage of challenges but do more time watching videos on the For You Page than doing challenges on the discovery page.

Start off with one video per day even on holidays and increase the number of videos as you become more comfortable.


If you do not want to spend at least 30 - 60 minutes on Tik Tok every day chatting with people, this might not be the app for you.

Many entrepreneurs forget that in order to build trust with people, socializing is important.

Think of your social media page as a store. If you do not show people that come into your store that you care about them and you are there to help, your store will go out of business.


Tik Tok is making waves and is soon to have a purchasing section on the app to sell merchandise. Now is the best time to sign up and create a name for yourself.

Socialize with people every day, create a marketing strategy and be realistic with the number of daily videos that you can share. Most importantly, have fun and be vulnerable with your audience.

Do you have any questions about Tik Tok marketing? Share a comment below or send me a message.

Watch more Tik Tok marketing tips today on my YouTube channel. Good luck.


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