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  • Makeda Waterman

Top Branding Mistakes I See Online Every Day

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Are you stepping outside of your comfort zone? One reason why many people make mistakes that ruin their reputation is they are not ready to grow.

Your customers and followers would love to see a more improved version of you. When you are at your best, you give better advice and share high quality content.

Here are the top branding mistakes that I have noticed online this year. The Problem with Jumping On Trends

It is easy for anyone to copy another person in their industry or a celebrity trend. The entrepreneurs that stand out are the people that add a personal touch to a trend. The goal is to share information that no one else is sharing.

Here are some helpful ideas:

  • A personal story that changed your life

  • Why you started your business

  • What makes you wake up every day to help customers?

  • Why you are different than your competition

The next time you participate in a new trend, use these helpful tips to stand out from the millions of people doing that trend.

Local vs. Global Marketing

I notice when people are are not confident in building an empire, they choose to focus on a local target audience.

If you run your business from a laptop, you can help more people by marketing your services internationally.

The most important part is to know who you are speaking to in a video or blog. You should research your potential customer or hire someone to help you.

One of the best ways to be more to your customers, is to focus on a global market. You can increase your income potential and help more people every day.

Doing What Your Industry Expects of You

I scan the internet for people in my industry and figure out what they are not doing. I do the opposite of what they are doing and am noticing better results.

We are not in business to be a photocopy of our competitor down the street.

The truth is consumers want to be motivated to click, inquire, and purchase. If you can figure out what makes your target audience tick, then you hold the power to your success.


We all make mistakes. Now is the time to stand out by doing what people in your industry are not doing. Start your own hashtag or create a trend and see what happens next.

I remember being afraid to take chances around this time last year. I feel grateful to have a platform to be myself and share advice. My goal is to see you do the same. 🔰 Share a comment below if you have any questions or feedback.

Watch my new YouTube video to learn about more marketing mistakes.


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