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  • Makeda Waterman

How to Attract New Customers During Covid 19

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I first want to thank all of my LinkedIn network that participated in my poll. The top question that was important to many is how to find clients online.

It is a difficult time for many businesses around the world. The good news is social media and having an online presence can help you attract new customers.

Here are digital marketing tips that are helping me to build my business during Covid 19.

Know Your Target Audiences Mindset

From a branding and marketing perspective, it is essential understand what your consumers needs. One way to find out is to do surveys on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media sites once a week. Once you read this information, create content that solves their problems. Here are some ideas on how to create content:

  • Start a podcast

  • Film videos

  • Start a YouTube channel

  • Blogs and articles

Share these posts on social media sites and be prepared to answer people's questions. The more content people see from you; it will build a relationship with time. As a result, they will believe you are the go-to person for information or purchase what you offer.

Branding Strategies

A branding strategy is a way to build your online reputation. A branding strategy will build long term trust in your audience. It is unfortunate that some companies are disappearing because branding was not a priority before Covid 19.

A brand is more than a logo or a color you use in your graphic design. It is establishing yourself in your industry as an expert and showing up every day for your audience.

Do you have any questions? Contact me today.

Watch my Content Marketing video to learn how to create an online marketing strategy.

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