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  • Makeda Waterman

How to Write Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Updated: May 4, 2020

Your company can be one email away from achieving some of your business development problems.

I’ve helped companies grow within 90 days by writing email campaigns with a 35% success rate. There is a misconception that emails are no longer opened because blogging and social media has taken over. It is far from the truth.

The reason some emails are blocked or ignored is that they do not add value to the people that are reading the content. My blog will share how the email marketing trend is back.

How to Write Effective Emails

It is essential to think of the relationship that you have with your readers. If a person recently signed up for your newsletter or emails, sending a message selling your services will ruin your efforts.

Do you have questions about email marketing? Contact me today.

Add Value in Email Marketing

Adding value in email marketing should include the same strategy as a blog. You need to understand your reader's problems and solve them by sharing advice. As time passes, you can then ask for the sale by sharing new products and services.

Please remember that marketing is a conversation you have with someone to build a long-lasting relationship. The same thought process should apply to email marketing campaigns.

Schedule Your Email Marketing Campaigns

I recommend that you share the date and time emails will be sent. Remember to be consistent and advise readers when you decide to change the frequency or date. If you choose a day of the week or month that most people are online, it can increase your email open rate.

Marketing Emails vs. Sales Emails

A sales email consistently shares photos of products and future discounts. I highly recommend that you avoid doing this because your open rates will be low.

The idea of email marketing is to help people solve their personal, business, or career-related problems. As a result, the people that feel connected to your brand will eventually purchase what you offer.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is a strategic way to improve your branding and build a business. If you can add value the same way that you do in an informative blog, it can grow your community.

Once you show people that you have influence and expertise because of the knowledge you offer, it can solve your business development problems.

Do you have questions about email marketing? Contact me today.

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