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  • Makeda Waterman

Instagram Marketing Business Tips

Did you notice a change in views and comments on Instagram?⁣ You are not alone.

Instagram is competing with the second biggest app online; Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is inspiring other apps including Facebook to use video sharing features to appeal to Generation Z and millennial users.

What does that mean for Instagram? It means a lot because Instagram Reels is the new shiny toy most people are paying attention to on the app.

Here are new Instagram content marketing updates released this year that you need to know.


Do you remember seeing ads stating outrageous weight loss claims? Instagram will no longer be pushing out these kinds of posts to the Explore page.

What is the Explore page? It is the magnifying glass on Instagram that shows us posts from a larger audience.

How can you avoid this happening to you? Only share customer testimonials and do not guarantee any results from your food or health services.


Instagram is not accepting blackface or anti Semitic racial content. The app decided to close a number of accounts that promote hate.

If you use Instagram for business or an employee accidentally posts a comment on your business account, this is not a good look from a branding perspective.

I highly recommend that you speak to your communications or marketing team about these updates.


Do you use contests on Instagram to increase likes and comments? Instagram will no longer be pushing out these posts to a larger audience.

It sounds like a bad opportunity but the truth is this experience will challenge you to create content that will be of value to your followers.


Do you remember the days when sharing celebrity quotes increased likes? The strategy of posting celebrity quotes will need to be put to rest because it will not help you.

What can you do now? In your spare time, write down your ideas and put it on a template to share as an info-graphic.

Your quotes do not need to be fancy but they need to solve a problem or entertain people.


Here's where most people are spending their time on Instagram:⁣

  • Shopping section ⁣

  • Reels

  • Stories⁣

  • Explore page⁣

  • Timeline

I highly recommend that you take advantage of Instagram Reels. I have been using Reels for 5 weeks and 95% of my videos are pushed to the Explore page.

🔰 What do you like the most about Instagram?⁣ Share your comments, questions and feedback below in the comments.

Check out my new YouTube video that shares more Instagram content guidelines you need to know.


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