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  • Makeda Waterman

How You Can Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

Let’s face it. LinkedIn is an undervalued app that has more users than content creators.

At the same time, it opens opportunities for people that are ready to share what they do best every day.

I rebranded my reputation on LinkedIn from being a one post a day blogger to a content creator.

Here's how to use LinkedIn to attract business and work opportunities.


I used to post a blog every day and not socialize with people on the app later to believe that being on LinkedIn was a waste of time. I’d get an occasional like, but there was no social engagement.

I thought that one blog per day would help get me noticed. My connections were slowly growing but not to the level in which I experience today. I realized that I didn't see results because of the mistakes that I made in not sharing more content or showing up for my audience every day.


I now treat LinkedIn, similar to a business page. I chat with my network every day, post comments, and watch people’s videos.

I am now a part of an online community and am building a reputation for being a marketing and branding expert.

LinkedIn has changed my life for the following reasons: • My top business opportunities came from being active on LinkedIn • I'm networking with people from around the world every day • I've connecting with micro-influencers when it would have been challenging to do this on Instagram Do you have any questions about sharing content on LinkedIn? Contact me today.

Watch my YouTube video to lean more LinkedIn tips to grow your business.


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