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  • Makeda Waterman

How to Improve Your Technical Writing

Updated: May 2, 2020

Do you feel frustrated with writing documents? Do people ask you to rewrite documentation because it is confusing or too long in length?

My goal in this blog is to share tips that you can use every day at business or work. A Technical Writer is the person a startup or organization asks to write and create documents people use every day. You might be an entrepreneur that needs to do this every day for customers or for your business.

Keep reading to learn efficient ways to get your work done in a shorter amount of time that your readers will appreciate.

Do you have questions about technical writing? Contact me today.

What is Technical Writing

Technical writing spreads across the pages of operational manuals, training material, business plans, websites, resumes, brochures, etc. It helps people to understand something that, at first, sounds difficult to do every day. Here are some of the ways that people use technical writing documents:

  • Training manuals

  • Business plans

  • Operational manuals

  • Marketing plans

  • Resume

  • Website content

How to Write Effective Technical Documents

Always keep the reader in mind when you are writing. Your words need to be clear for everybody in your organization to understand. Here are some ways to find the information that you need to succeed while writing technical documents.

  • Interview experts

  • Read existing documentation

  • Research new updates

  • Ask an expert to review your work

Another best practice is to keep the documentation short in length. Most of us know that management have limited time in their day to read 20-page documents. You don’t want to be asked to remove unnecessary information when you can complete the job at one time.

Technical Writing 101

Once you start using these techniques, it will help you to write documents in a shorter amount of time.

  • Use white space

  • Add Bullets

  • Write short sentences

  • Add videos and photos

You can take two or three paragraphs and convert them into a bullet list. I recommend using five sentences per paragraph.

Also, white space is spacing in a document that motivates people to feel to read a report from the start to the end.

Final Thoughts

I hope you can use these tips every day, whether you're a freelancer or a business owner. Technical documents should be easy to read with the use of white space, bullets, videos and photos that add more information to your message.

Do you have questions technical writing? Contact me today.

Watch my YouTube video for more information about technical writing best practices for success.


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