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  • Makeda Waterman

The Do's and Don’ts of Becoming a Guest Blogger

Are you ready to get started? Blogging is one of the best ways to connect with more people, drive traffic to your website, and create a brand.

It’s all about sharing what you do best to build a reputation people will remember for a lifetime. The truth is blogging is a conversation that you have with a good friend.

You need to understand who you are writing to and write in a way that connects with people’s minds and hearts.

Here are tips to help you start guest blogging.

What is your niche?

You will achieve higher success if you focus on one topic or industry. Then, find out the top websites in your industry and start thinking about blog ideas to share with readers.

Start reading the blogs to get an understanding of what is working on the news site. Here are some topics that you can contribute to as a blogger:

  • How you became successful

  • Sharing your perspective on trending news

  • What you expect to see in the future

  • Share tutorials on how to do something

Once you figure out your niche and how you can share your message, you can start contacting editors.

Guest Blogging Email Strategy

When you reach out to editors, keep in mind that your message has to be on how you will add value to readers. You never want to sound entitled to getting a “Yes” from an editor. At the same time, you want to include the these points in your email:

  • A short bio about an experience related to your topic

  • A list of different blog titles you want to write

  • Writing samples (I.e., articles, LinkedIn blogs)

Your emails to editors should focus more on how you can add value to readers and writing samples of your blogs for the editor can read.

It can take weeks or months for editors to accept you as a guest blogger. Remember to be respectful if you are rejected and think about the feedback an editor shares to improve.

Final Thoughts

Guest blogging is made for people that are persistent in reaching out to multiple editors every month. It can help you build brand awareness and attract job or business opportunities from a long-term perspective. You need to create emails to editors that show your passion for helping readers.

Do you have any questions, feedback, or concerns? Contact me today.

Watch my YouTube video for more blogging tips.

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