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  • Makeda Waterman

How to Write and Attract Customers in a Different Country

Do you notice the world is rapidly changing because of Covid 19 and the economy? A rise in eCommerce businesses will happen as a result.

Over the past six years, I have attracted international customers and clients to my business. Most were completely fine with the fact I did not live in their country as long as I completed projects on time.

I want to help you do the same. Here are the top ways to gain customers in a new country. Research the Culture of Your Audience

You can't assume people will understand your information if you are writing the same way as you do for a local audience. I live in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. An example of this is if I mention the Edmonton Oilers or Yeg. A person that lives in Toronto might not understand. Also, a person that lives in the United Kingdom, Africa or the Caribbean that is not familiar with my area will be confused.

The right hashtags on social medial and online posts can help. It's essential that every piece of content you share online has hashtags related to the country to attract a particular group of people.

Do you have questions about international branding? Contact me today.

Create Content Based on a Location

You should personalize your writing based on a specific region. I recommend that you study the mindset, colors, words, and customs of the people you want to attract. For example, the color red means love, stop, and blood shed in different countries.

If you are filming videos, specific hand gestures in North America that are polite are a form of disrespect in other cultures. A Google search can help you find this information. Social Media Sites Where Your Audience Lives

It makes sense to use the top 3 social media sites for business, but if your audience lives on another social app, it is best to set up an account on this site. You should pay attention to your social media followers time zones. If your potential customers are awake when you are sleeping, schedule your posts on a social media platform.

You should network with influencers in your desirable area or do co-marketing programs with brands that have a large audience. These local companies will understand the mindset of your audience and help you with ideas for messaging.

Final Thoughts

If your information, colors, tone, and social media sites are intact with your potential customers, it will build your business. It is important to research cultural trends because our world is rapidly changing.

Always make sure that your messaging is not offensive and is culturally appropriate. It will help you to appear as an expert. Do you have questions about email marketing? Contact me today. Watch my Instagram Live session YouTube about how to build your business on social media.


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