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How to Write a Business Plan

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

How do you write a business plan? Short and simple.

It sounds hard to believe. It is the best way to make it easier for bank employees to read business plans. If you need to write a business or a marketing plan to gain funds from a bank or a private lender, keep reading.

The industry has changed; it went from writing 20 to 30-page documents. Now, there's more of a focus on writing less when it comes to banks reading reports to give lending to entrepreneurs and organizations.

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You might be questioning if this is the right way to create a business plan. You might be thinking, "How can I write within two to three or five pages? I have to include a marketing strategy and biographies about my entire team."

It is achievable, and the reason why I'm saying this is because of a BMO bank workshop I went to last year with a focus on business plan writing. The representatives said that from a lending perspective, banks do not have time to read long business plans. It is best to write these documents up to 5 pages long.

The next time you decide to write a business plan, write shorter sentences, and include data that will show long term commercial projection. Use reputable sources and additional information that shows you understand your business and the future of your industry.

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